The GoRedGetFit Program

A veteran healthcare industry executive and former Georgia state senator, Preston Smith oversees operations at Tyler & Company as its president. Beyond his professional duties, former senator Preston Smith supports the American Heart Association (AHA), which operates the Go Red For Women (GRFW) campaign to raise awareness of heart disease in women.

To motivate women to make positive lifestyle and health choices, the GRFW created the #GoRedGetFit campaign, a Facebook group that provides women with all of the tools they need to enjoy healthier lifestyles. The campaign combines the expertise of nationally-recognized fitness trainers with the support of a nationwide network of women that offers encouragement to all participants.

The campaign sets new health goals each quarter, such as staying below a set cholesterol level or walking a certain number of steps each day, in addition to offering healthy recipes and lifestyle advice. Further, #GoRedGetFit now partners with the Macy’s retail outlet to offer gift cards ranging from $250 to $1,000 in value to participants.